Father and Son Incest

Tumblr about father and son incest, mostly with non-real content (unfortunately). If you have any images or videos about real daddy and son incest (only involving legal aged men, please) and you would like to show it, leave me a message. Come, lets show to the world that the sinful father and son sex is the perfect mating. All images/videos are of 18+ age people.
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hornyfuckingginger submitted:


The scene in this vid where the father teaches his son how to give a blowjob and have anonymous sex at a sex club blows my fucking mind…  The son seems so nervous but wanting it hardcore.  Any horny young guy lucky enough to get a lesson like that would probably be taking and dropping loads from different men every night of the week.  Just like any little stud should be.

I’ve download this video some years ago…it’s a beautiful scene!

hornyfuckingginger submitted:

Your blog is so fucking intense.  Thanks for sharing stuff that gets so many of us off.

It’s great you were encouraging to the young guy starting to initiate things with his dad and had jerked off on his sock or something and felt guilty about it.  He should never feel guilty about what he wants sexually and you were right to tell him to take it further.  If you’re in a position where you don’t know whether to start things (whether growing up or as a dad), just remember that you might regret it for the rest of your life if you don’t give it a go. 

I think the best way guys can start things is by pushing the envelope in terms of nudity around each other and then moving on to getting more and more open about masturbation and porn.  Because regardless of whether your father or son is going to take the bait or not, you can be absolutely sure he’s incredibly horny and as obsessed with sex and getting off as you are.  We’re all men.  It’s what we do.

And every straight guy who’s not repressed gets a rise out of getting off with other guys.  Even if it doesn’t turn into sex, your father or son is probably very curious about how the two of you measure up and how you get off.  I think every “birds and the bees” talk should include a step by step demonstration of what a cock is made to do so young guys won’t have any hang ups and just enjoy the changes in their bodies and learning about the most important part of being male.

Thanks a lot! I’m glad people appreciate it!

Father #34, Jack Dragon, set #3. Dad Jack Dragon is a father to die for, a rugged sexy beast who deserves all the attention from his sons, all the time. Fathers as spectacular as Dragon must have his penis constantly rubbed and masturbated by his sons, no matter the time and place. A father like Jack Dragon is a malicious incestuous devil who delights having other men witnessing his incestuous practices with his sons. Because of that, dads like Jack are always sporting a hard on, ready to have his cock worshipped by all his sons when they are surrounded by other men. Sons must always grab their father’s crotch tightly, free the penis from its underwear and masturbate their father frantically while the dad stares the men surrounding them with a look of overflowing pleasure. The boys must keep jerking off their father’s cock while confessing to the men around them how much they love their father and the infinite pleasure they have in satisfying his sexual needs. The boys must tell to the men who are witnessing them servicing their father that it is the duty of every son to pleasure their creator and that this is the meaning of the life of a son. When the father is ready to cum, they must all put their tongues on their dad’s dick and lick it, all of them at the same time, savoring the semen that made them while looking to the men who are watching this wonderful scene, showing to these men that a father’s orgasm, given by his sons,  is a powerful force that can’t be compared to any other thing existent.

Yes, it is a fantastic image! It’s from Josman, an artist specialized in cartoons about incest who had his drawings and cartoons published on the famous (and awesome) Handjobs Magazine some years ago. I love it, his is one of my favorite erotic artists. This one is from his hottest (and most famous) cartoon ever, My Wild and Raunchy Son”, whose story depicts a son who seduces his father. I strongly recommend it to any father-and-son incest aficionado. It’s quite easy to find on the internet and, of course, on tumblr!

You said "i found some of his toys and one has a pussy and ive used it and every time i use it i like girls then i put it away and i like boys". It’s not that you like girls…that’s a toy you are fucking, not a real woman. It just means that you probably are a versatile gay guy and will like fucking some man ass too, besides enjoying being fucked and sucking some good cock.

Father #34, Jack Dragon, set #2. Dads like Jack Dragon have the right of demanding that his sons must be always ready and willing to satisfy their father’s incestuous hunger. From sunrise to sunset, the boys must be always worshipping their father’s body. After taking care of his penis with their lucky mouths, and being feed with his sperm (of course!), the sons must line up, next to each other, either on their fours or laid down on bed, waiting to have their assess successively possessed and breed by their father’s cock. It’s up to a father as handsome, macho and virile as Jack Dragon to decide if he will penetrate his sons as an alpha-lover-father or the rapist-father, and it’s the sons obligation to accept the treatment they receive from their father on that moment. Whatever is their father’s mood, either as a lover, a fierce sex-machine or a ruthless rapist, the sons always feel pleasure and satisfaction to serve their father’s sexual needs.

Father #34, Jack Dragon, set #1. Father Jack is the epitome of the alpha male dad: muscled, strong and rugged, a perfect son-raping machine. Fathers as handsome and virile as Jack must be eternally worshipped by his sons, preferably by all of his sons at the same time. The sons must suck their father’s penis like it is the only reason they were made for (and it really is, besides having their asses as the perfect deposit of their dad’s sperm, of course!). His sons must suck him with wild abandon, and they can take turns sucking his cock while the other brothers suck, lick and bite his beautiful nipples, his muscled chest and his sexy abs, as well as passionately tongue-kissing their father’s mouth. They must all work together like this, fiercely worshipping his cock, his torso and his mouth to the point of making him moan and scream in unbearable pleasure till he bless them with strong jets of his cum, the sperm that made them all. Then all of the sons must put their mouths on their father’s cock and suck and lick it, fighting among themselves to drink the sperm that made them. It’s important to stress that among the obligations of the father is having enough cum to feed all of his sons. If the father cums and do not ejaculates enough semen to feed his boys he must surrender his body to his sons, so he can be successively abused by his offspring until they are feed with enough father-sperm, no matter if he is exhausted or not.

Anonymous asked:
If in the future you have a son, would you try to do something with him? Like that delicious father and son sexual fun?

I don’t know, I guess I definitely wouldn’t (and won’t), because I have no intentions of having a son. 

Anonymous asked:
Hi do you know were i can find those real incest porn videos? You mentioned in one of your answers (to an anon) those w/real bro/sis porn stars? Sorry 4 my english. XOXO

I found a compilation of most of their videos, though there is 1 or 2 more of them not on this compilation. They are Brazilian, like me.


I’ll take the opportunity to ask that if you have any real father and son stuff (among legal age individuals only, please), even if you only have links to the stuff, send it to me. Thanks :D

That’s not exactly incest, but, WOW! Hot story, dude! I envy you, you little devil! :D

Anonymous asked:
I want to have sex with my older brother, but he's straight and has a girlfriend. :( Any advice?

Look, if he is really straight I think you are out of luck. There is no way a straight guy would have sex with a man. However, if he has any bisexual inclinations, I think you can try to seduce him. I already gave some tips to a visitor here who wants to seduce his father (HOT!), so I guess the process is not that different, except that you both are brothers and more or less have the same level of sexual experience, so you can’t play the completely naive boy, though you can pretend to have some doubts about sex using that advices I gave to the visitor. I also think that the fact that you are brothers help the task, I feel that between brothers the seducing game can be more straight-to-the-point and you can act with less precaution. Try to use that tips I gave to investigate and feel the situation, so you can decide if you can be more ostensively seductive towards your brother.

Anonymous asked:
My dad's smaller than me, I'm a work out freak. Well one day he was being a little pric. At one moment he mooned me. So I ripped down his pants, pushed down his sweat pants and slid my cock right in. He kept trying to get away so I slammed him over the nearest table. I came like crazy in his ass.

That’s a really hot story!

Hi, I don't consider sex between two (2) related males, like fathers & sons, brothers, cousins, etc. to be insest. I consider incest as the act between two (2) opposite sex relative. For the sake of my learning more, in a father - son relationship, are you in the position as father or the son? Take care.

Hi, I get your idea, but I do consider any relationship between direct relatives, no matter if they are opposite sex or not, to be incest, though I have to confess that I don’t consider any kind of sexual relationship between cousins as such, at least not in the same degree.

As for my role, it would still be of the son, I think.

Anonymous asked:
Do you also like big brother/little brother incest?

I do like incest stuff between brothers a lot, no matter if they are big/little, twins or not. I just don’t post about this stuff because I want to focus on the father and son thing, since this, even in porn, is even more a taboo. 

Wow! That was really hot! If I had such an experience with my father…