Father #31, Parker Williams, set #4. Surrendering themselves to their infinite love as father and son and their passion and lust as men, dad Parker open his son’s leg and penetrates him tenderly, calling him his true love and beloved son, and so starts to thrust his penis inside his own boy. The boy feels delirious, caressing his father’s sexy, hairy body and gripping hard his muscles, telling him he has always dreamed of being deflowered by him. Hearing that his boy is still a virgin and that he, his own father, is his first man, dad Parker holds his son’s body even more tightly, kisses him deeper and fucks his son with a wild intensity to make his sons’ first time a sexual experience he will remember forever. As both of them feel an intense burst of passion, father and son are brought by their love for each other to the verge of the most powerful orgasm of their lives.

Father #31, Parker Williams, set #3. As soon as his son hears his father’s loving words, the boy kisses dad Parker’s mouth and run his hands down his chest and abs and grabs his father’s crotch tightly. Dad Parker feels somewhat surprised, but immediately starts to tongue-kiss his boy’s mouth and holds his son’s buttocks. They take each other’s clothes savagely and lay in the father’s bed, dad on top, overpowering his son’s fragile body, and so they begin their life of lustful incest.

Father #31, Parker Williams, set #2. Dad Parker arrives home and gives a tender kiss and a big hug in his son as always, but he notices that his baby boy touches and grabs his chest more tightly and realizes that he looks to him in a more malicious way. He never thought about his boy this way, but he loves his son so much and his boy is so beautiful, gentle and tender that he smiles to him and decides that if there is someone who he can love and be loved by, that’s his son. And so he gives him another long and tight hug and starts to fell his son moaning while his boy’s hands caress his father’s chest and abs. He looks his boy deeply in his eyes and says “I love you, son. If there is something you want to do with me, just tell me. I love you and you are the one with whom my love is boundless and sincere”.

Anonymous asked:

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately my dad is homophobic. I hate him very much but I still have this Incest fetish and I'm okay with it, this is why I watch porn of "dads" fucking their sons or brothers fucking, I'm really turned on by that. I hate all my family, I don't think it's gonna change and I don't really want to fuck with my own dad, I'm not even turned on by him. Sniffing his socks were just like a punishment for him for hating gays (so, hating me). This is why I feel weird...

Oh, that’s sad!

You know, you are in the same situation is I am (you’re just a lot younger): my father is quite homophobic too and I am not exactly turned on by him, but in my case I know that he loves me and he has always been a good father on his own particular way. I’ve never tried to change his mind, neither I want to try it now, because I always thought, “I live my life, he lives his and nothing he thinks or says will change what I am and make it something wrong”. It was the best thing. Some sons like to try to change their homophobic parents into someone better, I just didn’t have the patience to do that. In my case, I thought that was not worth it.

As for the rest of your family: you will grow older, you will have your own life and be able to tell them to take care of their own and leave you alone. Yes, that will take time, but you will spend less time in this situation, living with them and having to stand it all than living your own life in the near future. It will be great. 

And to finish: that’s a good revenge. I will still suggest you to use his underwear instead of his sock when you masturbate from now on. Rub his underwear on your cock and jerk it like an animal. You will feel satisfied knowing that he can hate gays as much as he want, but he can do NOTHING to avoid having his cock and butt inside an underwear that his gay son rubbed on his own hard cock to pleasure himself. Fuck him.

Anonymous asked:

Hey. I am a teen boy that loves gay incest, I just sniffed and masturbated on my dad's socks. I liked it, it was my first time and I was so horny but I have kinda like regrets now... I am atheist so I don't care about any sin but I don't know, I'm feeling weird now. Anything to say to me ? Thanks


Even if you are atheist I can understand that you feel kind ashamed and regret lusting your father. That’s because incest is possibly one of the biggest taboos that exist. Don’t feel ashamed because you have just done that. Free yourself from these stupid constraints imposed by society, rooted on religious bullshit. Father and son love is a beautiful (and impossibly HOT) thing because who else would love you as you deserve? Who else would know how to touch and give pleasure to you like no one other and love every second of it? Who would never ever hurt you on purpose? Your father. You should be proud for loving so much your father this way. I am sure he deserves all your love and lust.
So I suggest you: next time don’t masturbate sniffing his socks. Grab your cock hard and masturbate it like you have never done before…sniffing your father’s underwear. I can assure you will cum like you’ve never done before!

And, please, come here and to tell me how it felt. And keep an eye on your daddy…investigate him…maybe he would love having sex with his baby boy.

Father #31, Parker Williams, set #1. Parker is one of those fathers that make you wish you were born again just to be his son, so you can seduce him and have glorious incest sex. Immensely handsome, cute but rough and brute at the same time, he seems like a real loving and tender father, innocent and naive, who treats his boy with all his love, with lots of hugs and kisses, never realizing that his son, feeling his father’s powerful, sexy, irresistible muscles, his hairy body, his intoxicating macho-smell and his warm, hot father-kisses, is deeply in love and lusting for him, ready to start his seducing game to make his own father his lover for life and finally have the grace of worshipping his father’s glorious penis and be bred by him.

Anonymous asked:

What's the video with Chris Steele and Andel called?

Actually, I don’t know if these photos were really made from a video or it was simply a photoshoot (sometimes they only do a photo session for a magazine) but if it is from a movie, it’s possibly one of these two where Chris was fucking a cast of Czech/Western European guys: Polish Steele (also known as Steele Pole) or Czech Point

Anonymous asked:

Hey buddy, EXCELLENT profile, great taste! Are you subscribed to any other sites? Do you ever get lucky yourself?

Hi! Thanks a lot!

I’m following a dozen other tumblogs and with the exception of dadwithson, none of these blogs are incest-focused.

Well, unfortunately I don’t get lucky.