Father and Son Incest

Tumblr about father and son incest, mostly with non-real content (unfortunately). If you have any images or videos about real daddy and son incest (only involving legal aged men, please) and you would like to show it, leave me a message. Come, lets show to the world that the sinful father and son sex is the perfect mating. All images/videos are of 18+ age people.
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Anonymous asked:
What's the video with Chris Steele and Andel called?

Actually, I don’t know if these photos were really made from a video or it was simply a photoshoot (sometimes they only do a photo session for a magazine) but if it is from a movie, it’s possibly one of these two where Chris was fucking a cast of Czech/Western European guys: Polish Steele (also known as Steele Pole) or Czech Point

Anonymous asked:
Hey buddy, EXCELLENT profile, great taste! Are you subscribed to any other sites? Do you ever get lucky yourself?

Hi! Thanks a lot!

I’m following a dozen other tumblogs and with the exception of dadwithson, none of these blogs are incest-focused.

Well, unfortunately I don’t get lucky.

Father #30, Mark Kroner, set #2. Dad Mark takes pleasure when he feels that his own son is having a delirious orgasm while he is being fucked by his own father, saying things like “Yeah, son, cum with your father’s cock penetrating you and taking your virginity! Cum while I breed you your own brother in your ass, my son!”

Father #30, red-haired Mark Kroner, set #1. Dad Mark is a hairy beauty, a sexy alpha-male father with an enormous and mouth-watering cock that stays rock-hard when his son kneels in front of him to desperately worship and suck like a hungry devil his own father’s cock.

Anonymous asked:
When I was 16, I went to my dad's office to retrieve an 8mm movie projector, when my folks were out of town. While there, I discovered a large cache of Poloroids of my dad sucking a couple big dicks & a two-headed dildo, I left everything I'd found in place, & brought home the projector, shocked as hell at what I'd seen. But then I began to remember certain, fuzzy memories of being groped as I slept, and I put 2+2 together. My (8.75") cock is larger than dad's slender dick , so was he envious?

I don’t know if he was envious, but I am, since it is very possible he wanted to commit incest with you!

Father #29, Jake Norris. Despite his serious expression, Jake is a romantic, passionate dad who deeply loves his son, always focusing on his baby boy pleasure when he is penetrating and breeding his son with his father-cock.

Father #28, Jake Taylor (set #6). Dad Jake is facing problems in his job, so he usually arrives home in a very bad mood, tearing his sons’ clothes as soon as he finds the and throwing them on the bed, telling them to immediately start worshipping the very cock that created them. The boys instantly obey, sucking with abandon the penis of their own father, making their father moan and growl with intense pleasure. But as their father is an insatiable beast who feels his dick burning in anticipation of penetrating his sons’ assholes, dad Jake beats his boys Ryan Wagner and Todd Gibbs and puts them in the submissive position to have the grace of being raped by their father. And so he does, screaming and howling while he violently penetrates them, cuming like an animal, completing his duty of breeding his sons, as any father must always do.

Father #28, Jake Taylor (set #5). Dad Jake likes to have the company of his two brothers, Sam Crockett and Rusty Samuels, with whom he has an incestuous relationship, to abuse and rape his own sons. Notice how his sons promptly submit to the sexual demands of their father and uncles, taking as their main duty in life to worship the bodies of the alpha males who are their owners and to explore and use their own bodies to give maximum sexual pleasure to their own father and uncle. Of course, they have immense pleasure in doing it too.

Father #28, Jake Taylor (set #4). Father Jake stumbles upon his two sons having incestuous sex at the pool. Jake is a jealous type, and has stablished some rigid rules about sex: his sons must never have sex alone, they must only have intercourse when their father is present, because he is the main attraction of their incestuous relationship. So, Jake orders them to immediately start worshipping their father’s body and cock, and tells them to focus on giving maximum pleasure to their creator. And so they do. Still bothered by their misbehavior, dad Jake unmercifully rapes his son Adam Wilde, and then shots his hot, creamy father-milk while his sons admire their father’s splendid masculinity, feeling proud of themselves because they give pleasure to their beloved father. Satisfied, he smiles to them. Though they disobey him he still loves his boys.

Father #28, Jake Taylor (set #3). An insatiable beast, Jake is always with his cock with a full erection, ready to be worshipped by his sons, as any good father should always be. 

Father #28, Jake Taylor (set #2). With his balls full of father-sperm, Jake’s penis is so hard that it aches in antecipation of incestuous sex with his sons to release load after load of his sacred seed in his sons’ assholes.

Father #28, Jake Taylor (set #1). A blue-eyed, hairy alpha male, Jake seduces his sons as soon as he shows them his gorgeous hairy body and his perfect son-fucking cock. With a malicious grin, he declares victory when he sees his own beloved sons opening their mouth to worship the member that created them and to be fed with the very sperm from which they were made.