Father and Son Incest

Tumblr about father and son incest, mostly with non-real content (unfortunately). If you have any images or videos about real daddy and son incest (only involving legal aged men, please) and you would like to show it, leave me a message. Come, lets show to the world that the sinful father and son sex is the perfect mating. All images/videos are of 18+ age people.
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Father #27, Chris Steele, making love with his other son, Drew Peters. Since Drew is his bastard son, dad Chris keeps secret encounters with his son Drew to avoid making his two other sons too jealous and keep his beloved bastard son happy. Drew is a needy boy, constantly desiring incestous sex with his own dad and keeps seducing his father even when his dad-lover is too busy or too tired of the uncountable fuck sessions with his son Drew.

Father #27, policeman dad Chris Steele (set #9) making love with his son Andel and raping his older son, Michael Soldier. Fathers sometimes can give different treatments to his sons, either because he loves one more than the other or because he fells they like to be treated differently. Since he loves so much his boyish son Andel, father Chris always fucks him like a real dad-lover, caressing his son’s body and penetrating him with his cock with the right amount of roughness to satisfy his baby boy. His son Michael Soldier, on the other hand, is a uncorrectable brat, so dad Chris always rapes him without mercy to make him know his father is his alpha-male and he must obey him, since it’s his duty as a son to satisfy his father’s sexual needs. And as you can see by Michael’s rock-hard cock, he loves being raped by his manly, rough, violent and abusive policemen father.

Father #27, rough rapist dad Chris Steele (set #8). Steele would fuck his sons until they begged for mercy, only to thrust his pulsating dick even harder and deeper on his own sons’s asses, leaving the kids senseless in a mix of intense pain and pleasure.

Father #27, ranger dad Chris Steele (set #7) looking for another boys or hot men to enslave so he can fuck them like an animal and spurt some of his precious sperm that is almost exploding in his cum-tank. Though his two sons are still tired of the endless incestous-sex sessions, they are keeping their eyes on their father: they rather promptly offer him their tired bodies to be raped and abused for countless times than let other boys or men have a taste of sex with their powerful father.

Father #27, ranger dad Chris Steele (set #5). This father has just fucked his two sons on his lost cabin in the woods but his cock is still rock-hard and requiring intensive care of his tired and abused offspring. Macho, virile fathers like Chris are unstoppable fuck-machines who will never cease breeding and feeding their sons with their father-milk.

Father #27, Chris Steele (set #4). Showing off his glorious manhood to his sons and eager to pump his hot father-cum on his sons’ bowels, like every father should do with his sons every day.

Father #27, Chris Steele (set #3). Boxer father Chris Steele would keep his boxing training the whole day, rubbing his sweaty, hairy body intensely on other alpha-male fathers like him, enjoying the feeling of their hard cocks swording against each other almost to their climax and exchanging confidences about their unstoppable incestuous practices with their sons. After training they would meet their sons together so they could fuck them in a wild incest celebration, making love and raping their sons while mutually admiring their manly, animal, incestuous lust.


Local Bathroom

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A father must always take his sons to public places to fuck them in front of other men. Gas station bathrooms are perfect scenarios for exhibitionist sessions of incestuous sex because these places are always full of other males, truckers, drivers, policemen, who are horny and eager to jerk their cocks while appreciating a rough and sexy man abusing his own offspring to satisfy his sinful sexual needs and the voyeuristic needs of other perverted fathers. 


Fuck yes!

Yeah. That’s how sons must behave before their father: submitting themselves to their creator to pleasure him in all possible manners.

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All in fun of course. Hot, horny fun. Gay, straight, bi….come out, come out where ever you are.


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Father #27, Chris Steele, in set #2. This incredibly hairy, unbelievably sexy, über-masculine dad would drive his sons crazy when banging their asses with the same rock-hard cock that created them, pumping his hot, warm and precious sperm deep into his sons’ anus to fulfil his wild, animal lust for his own baby boys.

Father #27, Chris Steele (set #1), sporting his powerful, extreme, intense, irresistible masculinity in all its glory. This is a father to die for, a naughty dad so hungry for incestuous sex that he would have lots of sons just to make love each night with a different one to fulfil his insatiable need of sinful sex with his own prole. 

Father #26, Rick Van Sant, ready for his son to engulf and ride his wonderfully curved penis, something that son Blake Daniels does with gusto. Notice Rick’s spectacular chest and imagine how wonderful it feels for his son to caress, lick, kiss and bite it. A father’s chest is a temple for a son: when touching and laying over his dad’s chest, a son not only feels his father’s intense masculinity, but for having such an amazing male as his father-lover, the boy also feels security and protection.

Father #26, Rick Van Sant, a cute and hairy dad offering to his son Blake Daniels the daily dose of father manhood for his son to feast on, as any responsible and loving father would. You can notice on the father’s face how much love he feels for his son and how important is incestuous sex between a father and a son: it not only deepens the bonding between a father and his baby boy, it also keeps the son healthy, since father’s sperm is the most perfect source of protein and vitamins in its purest and strongest form, so the father’s delicious milk must be kept as the main component of a son’s diet. Moreover when a father steadily feeds his son his cum-milk also keeps his offspring completely obedient and happy, something that is easy to see in this photo in the way Blake gazes his dad while licking his beautiful cock.