Father and Son Incest

Tumblr about father and son incest, mostly with non-real content (unfortunately). If you have any images or videos about real daddy and son incest (only involving legal aged men, please) and you would like to show it, leave me a message. Come, lets show to the world that the sinful father and son sex is the perfect mating. All images/videos are of 18+ age people.
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Father Trent Cougar, father #25, turning into his own son’s lover when he is pleasured by son Bret Wolfe, who delights sucking his father’s glorious cock. Not only a son must never miss a chance to have the bless of having incestuous sex with his father, feeling in his mouth and in his anus every inch of the virile tool that created him, it’s his duty in life to make his father moan and grunt with sexual pleasure whenever possible and in every possible way.

Spectacular father Trent Cougar, father #25, proudly showing his manhood. Imagine being the son of this muscled blond demon, imagine worshipping those muscled legs and sitting on his cock, riding his pole so powerfully that he would scream in pleasure while breeding his own baby boy’s ass.

Policeman father Trent Cougar, father #25, being serviced by his both sons at the same time, as a masculine, virile, rough, abusive, muscled father like him deserves. When a father has more than one son, all the kids must frequently worship their father’s cock at the same time to give their man maximum pleasure. They must lick, kiss, and vacuum-suck their father all together so they can all be blessed by a powerful orgasm of their alpha-male father to feast on their dad’s sperm, and the dad will rejoice and feel proud while feeding his prole with his powerful, tasty and creamy cum.

Rough father Trent Cougar, father #25, gracing his son Luke Pearson with his beautiful, manly cock to be worshipped, adored and lusted with a blowjob. Though a father must frequently force-fuck his son to keep him submissive and happy for having such a macho-beast as his father, he must not forget to make tender love-making sessions with his kid to prove him that he really loves his baby boy, since father and son sex is the purest form of love.

Trent Cougar, father #25, preparing to penetrate and violently rape his son Ollie Kicks to show his boy who’s the alpha male and teach him how a father and son are supposed to have sex. A father must frequently roughly fuck his son to keep his kid’s submissive behavior.

Father #24, another anonymous father, a hairy, muscled and seductive one. I love fathers who tease their sons showing just the tip of their cocks, seducing their naive and pure boys to commit hot, dirty, nasty, sinful incestuous sex with their man.

Mega-muscle dad Steve Regis, father #23, having his father-manhood devoured by son Rob Cryston. When a son gives his powerful father a blowjob, it must be done exactly this way: the son must always give a submissive look into his father’s eyes while he sucks his sacred penis, showing to his creator that he is lucky for having such a handsome, virile, hairy macho father, proving him that is a privilege for a son to have incestuous sex with his father and to make him know who is the real man in this sinful sex.

Mega-muscle dad Steve Regis, father #23, ready to shot his fatherly cum over his son’s cock. Fathers must shoot their load over their son’s penis as many times as possible because sons have immense pleasure felling their fathers’ sperm over their cocks. When the father’s cum touches a son’s dick he fells completely dominated by the man that created him and he fells deep inside that man’s virility.

Mega-muscle dad Steve Regis, father #23, being worshipped and pleasured by his sons. It’s a duty (and pleasure) of every son to worship and give pleasure to their fathers and it’s a duty of every father to feed their sons with their sperm and breed their sons’ asses with their precious cum.

Jack Dillon, father #22, on a photoshoot for Men Magazine in 1993, set #1. After dumping his hot load inside my ass, his son’s ass, I would kneel down before him and start licking and sucking hard his sperm-covered cock saying things like  ”Oh, father! I’m eating your seed, the seed that made me! Feed me with your cum, dad! It’s your duty, father! It’s your obligation to make incestuous sex with your son and feed me with your sperm!”

Jack Dillon, father #22, on a photoshoot for Men Magazine in 1993, set #1. If he were my real father, I would lick all his sweat from his body, give him a deep french kiss and then I would bury his powerful father-cock in my ass and start raping myself on the beautiful, veiny, hard cock of my own dad. I would hug him tight, grip his muscled body and scream things like “YEAH, WE ARE MAKING SINFUL FATHER AND SON SEX, DAD! WE ARE COMMITTING INCEST! YOU ARE FUCKING ME WITH YOUR COCK, YOUR OWN SON! NOW WE ARE LOVERS, YOU ARE MY LOVER AND MY MAN, FATHER! MAKE YOUR SON YOUR BITCH, DAD! MAKE ME FEEL HARD MY FATHER’S COCK!” while I made love with my father, making him breed me, his own son, with his hot sperm. 


Father #21, an (unfortunately) anonymous, mouth-watering father. I want to be born again as the son of this man just to commit incest with him.

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And now, dad Tom Vacarro, father #20, on set #4, fucking his son Dean Coulter. That’s the best picture: the son kneeling to have the bless of being topped, dominated, enslaved by his father’s massive, virile, powerful cock and to have his brother breed by his own hairy, manly father on his ass.

And now, Tom Vacarro, father #20, on set #3 fucking his two sons, one of them being Dean Coulter. See how they are submissive to their own father, kneeling on all fours to be penetrated and unmercifully raped by their own dad? That’s how a son must make his father happy: enslaving themselves to their alpha-male father.